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Order for now or later a motorbike with driver for a ride in Paris city and airports.

Sumer cabs generalize passenger motorcycle service with an innovating and user-friendly app with pioneering functions as pre-order booking, swift price estimate on your on time order and advanced timing. Download app or call us on 06 77 45 14 24 .

Saving time and money with a fare from 25€


  1. Quick order or advanced time booking.
  2. Price estimate before order submit.
  3. Made on measure address book: choose your favorite drivers.
  4. All payments methods: bank card, Paypal, cash.
  5. Travel service: carriage of your luggage until 30 kilos.


  1. Certified drivers
  2. Young goldwings, inception date of less than 5 years.
  3. Adapted equipment.
  4. Optimal journey.

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You’re still unsure

It’s quite normal but we’re gonna try to reassure you!

With Sumer, you’re not a simple passenger; we’re going to take care of you a make you special.

We’re gonna take care of you

All drivers supplied with technologically advanced equipment:

Motorcycles of less than 5 years: Honda Goldwing ou F6B, Victory or Harley.

2-year renewed motorcycle helmet, communication earpiece system with the driver or with your phone, single use hygiene cap

A very warm bike jacket

Adapted motorcycle gloves

Hand sanitizers gel starting the ride

…and your luggage…

Do you know that you can take your suitcase until 15 kilos, cabine baggage until 12 or hand and computer bag?

It’s even possible to ask the driver a small trolley if you want to entrust us with more personal stuffs.

... to be remembered more easily!

You can add your favorite drivers in the favorite tab of Sumer app

We also remember your wishes and habits when you order a Sumer cab, your favorite radio station, favorite journey and other specific request, you will even don’t have to remember it, we do it for you!


You want to be part of Sumer partners?

We would be thrilled to welcome you within Sumer community Motorcycle is a real way of life having the honor of carrying passengers who are often discovering the pleasure of a two-wheels drive vehicle.

For reasons of safety and quality, we are extremely demanding on services provided to ensure the best for Sumer community.

Have-you got the documentation needed?

A professional card recorded in your departmental prefecture and still valid.

A valid motorcycle driver license? We will regularly check on the validity period

You will have to provide monthly point statements and an insurance certificate for fee passenger transport license (RC Pro). We will check with your insurer

A clearance certificate must also be obtained from the ministry of justice’s website in less than 3-months period

You have a perfect working motorcycle

You have an Honda Goldwing or F6B, Victory bought in the less 4-year period?

Your insurance covers fee passenger transport?

You have 2 helmets equipped with intercom system?

You can provide air bag jackets, motorcycle adapted gloves,   to passengers, motorcycle bike jacket and single use hygiene caps.

You care about your passengers ?

At Sumer , the most important is the safety and passenger comfort. We expect from you that you ask the right questions to understand the relationship of the passenger with sumer cabs : it does not carry a newcomer as a regular ! The customer records are complete with the habits and care for , it’s a 5 star service so than palaces do !

All our partner drivers are YOUR professional partner!


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Sumer cabs

53 rue La Boétie
75008 PARIS

08 04 90 40 10

Horaires: 8h-20h